Small Business Growth Through Open Communication

Small Business Growth Through Open Communication

Small Businesses Communicating Thoughts and Ideas Openly Everywhere for Growth

Have you ever wondered, “How did that little company grow so large so fast?”. Most of us see the successes of small businesses all around us on Social Media, in the local news, or hear it from friends and family. We business owners love to hear it when someone has acquired a large account, have hired more employees, or maybe have exited their company altogether from the sale of their company, but very few understand how they achieved the success to go to the next level.

Communication and Sharing of Ideas

Believe it or not, communication is, absolutely, the key to success. Communicating your new ideas, business activities, the reasoning behind your movements on a day to day basis, with your friends, family, and colleagues will further your progress faster.

By sharing with people, where you’re going with your actions, you actually inspire people to think about ways they can help increase your momentum towards your desired goals. Most people, inherently, wish to do good. Helping others get a ‘win’ makes most of us feel like we contributed to something bigger than ourselves.

Communicating our desires and ideas also has an accountability factor that’s created internally. If you’re a person of your word, as you should be, then you know how motivating it can be to share your dreams and desires with others. If we say it, then it must be true. Once we share what we’re focusing on out loud, it now becomes a responsibility to make the ideas/goals true.

Various Ways of Sharing Ideas

Today there are so many ways to communicate and share ideas with others all around the world. We can share publicly via social media platforms, through video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and TwitchTv, there are more than a dozen online meeting platforms, such as GoToWebinar, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, small yet powerful mobile apps like SnapChat, Marco Polo, and WhatsApp to have an even closer to real-time experience with collaborating.